Starting your career: Application training and company tour for students

On 5 March 2020, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from the Bertolt Brecht Comprehensive School to our premises for an application training session.

We started by introducing our company and the wide range of professions we cover. During a tour of the company, the students were given a practical insight into our business to get a full picture. We then helped them to improve their application documents and gave them valuable tips for a successful interview.

On 14 March 2024, we welcomed another class from the Bertolt-Brecht comprehensive school. We enthusiastically presented our company and the wide range of apprenticeships we offer. This was followed by a tour of the factory, during which the students were able to familiarise themselves with the processes in our company.

These were two exciting opportunities to help young people on their way into the world of work and to give them important skills for their future careers.