In 1955 Koenig & Bauer Kammann GmbH began producing printing machines in the town of Bünde in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The company's original aim was to optimize printing onto the glass packaging of medicinal and pharmaceutical products – the result was our first screen printing machine, the BS 5 model. Over the course of just a few years, market-oriented machine development led to success and to perfection in container decoration.
The boom years of the 1950s brought new packaging materials for products like shampoo, floor polish, dishwashing detergent etc., Kammann was quick to find ideal solutions for decorating them. The K10 universal screen printing machine became a best seller.
In the 1960s, the company expanded its product range to include web-fed screen printing presses, suitable for printing onto adhesive labels, lottery scratch tickets, plastic wrapping as well as other items.
A separate Project Department was formed by the end of the decade. Its function was to put together complete, turnkey factory projects. In the very first year it was able to supply a complete project for the petroleum industry. The equipment supplied included machines for manufacture of the plastic bottle, decorating equipment, filling and capping, packaging into cartons and palletizing.

In the 1980s, our engineers developed a machine concept for the “new media”, compact discs and DVDs. All over the world, machine models K15 and K15 40 are synonymous with top-quality printing of data storage discs, CDs and smart cards. At the start of the 1990s, in response to the ongoing developments in this market segment, the company introduced the first digital offset printing machine for printing CDs, DVDs and now also Blu-ray Discs.
Today, Koenig & Bauer Kammann GmbH is noted for innovative products grounded on the continuous process of technological development and improvement.
Our latest innovation is the all-purpose K15 family.