K1 CNC-300

Fully automatic screen printing machine for single-color printing onto containers


  • CNC-controlled motion
  • (4) Four motorized axis of motion
  • Opening and closing device with nose cone stroke
  • Article infeed belt and out feed belt
  • Electromechanical lay-down and stand-up robot
  • Mechanical or optical registration for multi-pass printing
  • UV drying available
  • Reversible printing direction
  • Optional K axis: tilt axis +/- 20°
  • Direct and indirect screen heating

Technical specifications:

  • Article size:
    Max. diameter: 110 mm
    Corner-to-corner dimensions, example 1: 77x77 mm
    Corner-to-corner dimensions, example 2: 105x30 mm
    Max. height: 250 mm
    Bottle design: max. 350 mm
  • Dimensions of the print image:
    Length for flat printing, landscape: max. 110 mm
    Height for flat printing, portrait: max. 180 mm
  • Printing output:
    Up to 2100 prints/hr, depending on article and print image