HS 300

High-Speed glass screen-printing machine

The HS 300 is a high-speed printing machine concept for the decoration of round beer and softdrink glass bottles. The innovative and state of the art servo-technology enables ergonomic and easy operation, reduced maintenance time, short job changes and low tooling cost for high efficient production.

The system:

  • fully continuous running screen printing machine for round glass articles
  • up to 8 print stations
  • ø1” – ø3” (25,4mm – 76,2mm)
  • 300 bpm
  • body and neck printing
  • the guaranteed tolerance from colour to colour is ±0,1 mm for perfect registration at high-speed for multi-colour decoration
  • 260 mm print stroke
  • individual servo driven article rotation
    • for optical seam detection (option)
  • suitable for hot environment up to 60°C
  • prints 300 glass articles with ceramic inks per minute

Additional components:

  • unique and high performance pre-registration camera seam/embossing system guarantees a touchless pre-registration without needing any mechanical registration mark, for more savings on glass row material
    • up to 4 camera seam detection
    • special light source
    • adjusting angle of article position
      via servo on each article carrier
    • article rotation correction during tilting
      movement into print position