Digital Printing
Goes Green

Discover the possibilities of #SustainablePackaging

Discover the advanced possibilities of digital printing for a sustainable future in the packaging and printing industry.

At Koenig & Bauer Kammann, we rely on the latest printing technologies that are not only innovative and versatile, but also create the basis for sustainable production.

Find out how digital printing promotes an environmentally conscious and innovative printing industry through reusability, flexibility, energy savings, material diversity and recyclability.

The New Era of Digital Printing

Digital Printed Relief

3D-Printed Texture

Digital Printed Relief introduces a new way to create raised embossed designs. This method involves a specialized digital printing process that produces detailed and sharp elements up to 3mm thick. It gives you the chance to create unique packaging designs that last a long time and are cost-effective.


Digital Printed – no conventional embossing


Application thickness
Digital Printed Drip-Off Effect

Matt and Glossy

Discover a new way to print with Digital Printed Drip-Off Effect, a breakthrough technology that brings together glossy and matte print elements with tactile relief effects for eye-catching packaging. Get creative with almost boundless possibilities and impress your customers with unique designs.


Digital Printed
Digital Foiling

Outstanding Shine

Learn about the magic of digital foiling. Elevate your packaging with this advanced technique, creating eye-catching designs that shine with metallic brilliance and engage the senses. Embrace innovation and amaze your customers with unique foil-enhanced packaging.


Digital Printed


Application thickness

From a single piece to a large print run – 100% Digital

Let's shape the future of packaging

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Take your packaging needs to the next stage with Koenig & Bauer Kammann. Designed for those who want to set a new course for their projects, our solutions transcend the ordinary and add a touch of elegance and individuality to your creative endeavors.

Aylin Müller and Bilgkin Aptoulach are your experts to embark on a journey of innovation. We're more than just print enhancement machine specialists, we're your collaborative partners, committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Join us in exploring the uncharted territories of print enhancement and turn your future projects into vibrant, tangible realities.

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