KBA-KAMMANN on the 98th CFDF-exhibition in Chengdu, China

As a large-scale exhibition trading platform with a proven history and far-reaching influence in China’s alcohol and food industry, China Food & Drinks Exhibition (referred as “CFDF” hereafter) has been serving the business community through promoting exchange, trade, cooperation among industry colleagues, having been playing a significant role in the industry.

The 98th CFDF was the 29th time that Chengdu has held CFDF so far. Chengdu, as a city most frequently holding CFDF, was being well-known to the industrial colleagues long ago. The 98th session was continue the principle of ”Inheritance, Development, and Innovation”, surrounding ”Display, Exchange, Cooperation”, aim at “Standardization, Professionalism, Internationalization”, as a platform it made better preparations and detailed arrangements to enable manufacturers and dealers in the industry meet with each other, further construct marketing system, promote and disseminate brand, release and disseminate information, cooperate on investment and trade. On the platform of the 98th CFDF, all of manufacturer, equipment supplier, channel procurer, institutional investor, facilitating agency, expert and scholar, members of media got their own specific needs fulfilled and returned fully loaded.