K15 XS

Fully automatic, servo-driven universal printing machine for any item shapes

The innovative K15 flexibly and accurately prints any item shape – round, oval, square, flat and with a handle – in the highest quality. The flexible handling system designed to transport upright and horizontal article allows for the shortest possible change-over times. The newly developed bottom camera register system aligns the articles accurately by utilizing any unique marking on the bottle of the article.

The system:

  • Servo-driven rotary machine platform of turntable size XS
  • Robust base construction – suitable for glass, plastic, metal and many other article substrates
  • Machine can be equipped with 6 processing stations that can be configured in virtually any arrangement
  • Single captured tooling for optimal printing results; accuracy from color to color: + / - 0.1 mm
  • Quick change-over times due to optimized make ready system
  • Air inflation for plastic containers
  • Vacuum supply for shell-type items
  • Optional: unique processing in various printing stations
  • Performance-optimized ratio of item printing time to item transport time
  • Modern, ergonomic operating design

Additional components:

  • Tilting attachment assemblies for conical items with vertical angle of inclination of + / - 18°
  • Optional: integration of various processing stations, e.g. print image check, imprinting unit, labeling, pad printing mechanism, thermal transfer, varnishing etc.
  • Motor controlled fine screen adjustment in X and Y direction and rotation
  • UV drying via innovative KAMMANN UV emitter up to 300 W/cm; longer service life of tubes and reflectors due to filtered supply air; energy-saving mode with up to 30% savings; additional systems that can be integrated
  • Screen heating for thermoplastic inks
  • Optimal item treatment due to servomotoric height adjustment of the pretreatment and drying units
  • Seam registration, optical registration, module for mechanical pre-registration etc.
  • Remote maintenance of all systems via Internet, supported by camera if necessary
  • Integrated longitudinal squeegee device with very short change-over times
  • Cassette feed system for quick replacement of processing stations