K15 Q-SE

Semi-automatic servo-motoric controlled 1-color print station for sample prints, small series and investigation of optimal adjustments for the K15

The K15 Q-SE semi-automatic machine decorates flexible and precise any kind of article shape – round, oval, square, flat and with handle, manual in- and outfeed of the articles. The side-covered machine guarantees highest safety requirements during fast and easy handling.

The system:

  • Equipped with a screen-printing station or digital-printing unit
  • Article holder device and system of K15 family
  • Article holder device in 3 possible length versions as 280 mm, 350 mm and 450 mm
  • Quick-change system for nose cones (without tools)
  • Pneumatic article clamping for easy article change
  • 4 servo axes for universal printing possibilities:
    • Article rotation
    • Screen stroke in various versions 260 mm, 300 mm, 380 mm 
    • Squeegee cross axis +/- 60 mm – adjustable to longitudinal squeegee
    • Print station Z-axis for screen height control
  • Short change-over times due to optimized quick change system
  • Modern, ergonomic operation concept
  • K15 article administration and operation software with K15 Q-SE
  • Specified operating functions
  • Operation and control via Laptop
  • Modem support via Internet

Optional components:

  • optical registration for article pre-registration at article circumference
  • article contour scanner for investigation of article cross section
  • support air supply for hollow plastic articles
  • vacuum supply for mandrelling articles
  • screen heating for thermoplastic inks
  • motoric fine screen adjustment in X- and Y-direction as well as rotation
  • tiltable holder device for conical articles with vertical inclined angle of +/- 18°
  • pneumatic carriage for article transport to UV-position
  • UV-drying via innovative KAMMANN UV-lamps up to 300 W/cm; longer life-time of lamps and reflectors due to filtered supply air; energy-saving mode with up 30% savings
  • optimal article treatment due to servo-motoric height adjustment of the UV-drying