Our in-house exhibition –
a special kind of
welcome back


No question: we miss you and a the dialogue with you! The pandemie and it’s Consequences have restricted business life and the personal contacs for a long time.
The postponement of the Glasstec Exhibition to 2021 has encouraged us in our decision. We are now planning a personalized event in a small setting in our factory.
We cordially invite you! Please join us!

Back to our normal lives! Only more mindful!

Our economy urgently needs to go back to normal. We want to give new impulses. #Stay Real is not only an invitation to you, to jointly get back to every day work, but is likewise a creed, because we want you to get to know us authentically and close to life, the way we really are! That is how we understand true partnership.

We are prepared for an in-depth dialogue with you

Great, that we finally can return a bit more to normality and are able to meet each other in person.

Truly dedicated and committed with our entire know-how

Do you feel a pleasant anticipation, to slowly get back to your normal working routine? To deal with practical applications?

Distancing rules
Small groups
Cleaning and hygiene measures
Marking of ways
Contact registration
Best possible organization

Safety has priority

For us, the in-house exhibition is an important step back to normality and we will be glad, if you think the same way and will visit us. We have, of course, developed a well thought through safety and hygiene concept for your own safety and the safety of our team.


Your registration:
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at a time of your convenience

For the planning of our in-house show, we need a registration.

To do this, please use registration form. Here you can also specify, if you have any specific interests.


During our in-house exhibiton you will have the possibility to get to know the many divers possibilities to decorate your packaging surfaces. KAMMANN is specialized to design and build equipment and processes for digital-, screen-, hot stamping and labeling solutions. Many years of experience, especially with customized requirements, makes KAMMANN your first choice contact partner.

It means, that at KAMMANN all efforts focus on our customers requirements. Always. That’s why your visit during our OPEN HOUSE WEEKS will be a very personal and enriching experience. 
Talk to us about your applications and find out, what you need for an efficient and future oriented production.

We will discuss with you the best posssible design of your pre-press work-flow. You will benefit from many years of experience, which we gained as the worldwide leading printing experts for the decoration of glas, plastic and metal packagings.

The main themes of our exhibition will be:

Presentation of our latest state of the art digital print technology
Matured, well engineered machine concepts, various application possibilities and additional features and functions.

Screen printing technology – High Speed and HighTech
We are combining fully automatic process technology with the most modern ergonomical design and brilliant results.

Digital Pre-press
A close look at an optimized workflow is very interesting for seasoned specialists as well as for start-ups. Join our workshop to learn about all relevant parameters of our software and settings on our equipment.

Hot stamping and labeling
Get informed about further decoration possibilities, which can be combined with various print processes. Hot foil stamping and labeling ensure a harmonious and haptic result of your products. 

Register here for the OPEN HOUSE WEEKS

You do not want to miss the OPEN HOUSE WEEKS under any circumstances? Great! Then please fill out the registration form, to get registered as a visitor of our Open house exhibition.
Without registration, a visit is unfortunately not possible!

Your private data are being used solely for the registration and the legal documentation requirements. Your private data an not being forwarded to any third party.
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