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Feel the innovative Digital Printed Relief with your own hands

Complex designs and personalization at cost-effective prices are the strengths of digital printing. The production of various glass shapes and challenging designs is not possible with existing printing methods. The reason for this is the complex and cost-intensive glass molds in which the molten glass is poured and shaped.

The cooperation partners Marabu and Koenig & Bauer have presented the Digital Printed Relief, an innovative digital solution that offers the glass processing industry an attractive alternative to the traditional embossing process. The process enables new solution possibilities for challenging, filigree and personalized designs.

As part of Digital Printed Relief's online product launch, we printed a limited number of Carrybottles. With a bit of luck, you can now obtain one of these print-enhanced glass drinking bottles, use the inquiry form to place your order. With receipt of your Carrybottle you also have the chance to participate in our Lottery. You can find more info in the package.